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The best Italian cuisine you'll ever have. Nothing more, nothing less.

This image represents a deli meat sandwich filled with layers of lettuce,  tomatoes,cucumbers, American cheese, and sliced pork.
Eataliano Market and Deli main logo with decorative red and green lines representing the colors of the Italian flag, surrounding four text lines lines. First lines is the established company's year 2022. Second line of the text Eataliano colored in green and read, third text line: Market and Deli, Fourth line the location, Columbia, MD in the United States
This is an image of a sub sandwhich filled with a layer of green lettuce, a layer of smoked deli ham, a layer of cucumber , a layer of Swiss cheese topped with a layer of letttuce on the top of which there's the top side of the bread.
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Out-of-this-world ingredients imported freshly from Italy

This is a close up picture of a pixie topped with extra virgin olive oil decorating the top part of the menu.


Gourmet Panini
Gourmet Italian Sandwiches
Bake Dishes
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What can we say? We’re obsessed with Italian Cuisine.

At Eataliano Market & Deli, We Love Italian Food; our goal is to bring the exquisite taste of authentic Italian cuisine to Howard County. We are dedicated to providing a mouthwatering experience with each dish we serve. From delightful appetizers to scrumptious desserts and everything in between, our food will tantalize your taste buds! We take pride in every single order and look forward to making you fall in love with Italian food. Try our pizza, pasta and subs today! We take pride to be chosen among Howard County best restaurants. 

Pizza Boxes Takeaway on a gray and red background containing a NEapolitan style pizza with pepperoni and herbs.


Order now and get your Eataliano, ASAP!

Best pizza delivery in Howard County! Were you craving an Italian feast for dinner? Look no further than our Italian delivery service! Enjoy the finest Italian cuisine delivered directly to your doorstep from our kitchen to yours, within a 7-mile radius. Get ready to indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of Italy without ever leaving your home.



Let us cater your next event.

Are you looking for catering services near you? We are your go-to! With a 24 to 48-hour notice, we can provide pickup or delivery of your order. Delivery fees start at $35.00 and will depend on the distance traveled. Paper goods are also available for an extra cost. Please call and confirm your order with us so we can ensure it is accurate and ready for you when you require it. Our assortment of fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses is based on availability and could change without prior notice. Additionally, the cost of orders may vary without prior notification; however, a 6% sales tax will apply unless a Tax-Exempt Certificate/Number is provided.

This an image of a set of bowls containing different types of  fruit and vegetables for the catering on a  baby blue background.
This is an image of Eataliano MArket and Deli inside store where  people can order their food.

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Visit Eataliano Market & Deli for a great selection of Italian imports! From sweet treats to savory eats, we have something for everyone's cravings. Our imported products come directly from Italy so you can experience the deliciousness of Italian food right here!

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